The Skip Wallet Generation

Change the way you pay for Good

Link your credit cards for the easiest and most secure way to pay, gain rewards, and make an impact on others. With or without your phone.

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You don't need anything to pay.

Simplify the way you pay

  1. Cardless checkouts

    No need for a credit card. Show up to any Skip Wallet location with your phone in hand, and check in with your Skip Wallet app.

  2. Deviceless checkouts

    Forget your phone? No problem! Just pay for your purchase with the unique payname and pin number that you create.

What is a payname?

It’s the unique name you’ll create for yourself when you sign up for Skip Wallet and use at checkout.

Contribute to Good Returns

Improve the world every time you shop

Good Returns is a social enterprise network that partners with companies and individuals to provide small business loans to partners that directly address the world’s greatest problems.

Every time you pay with Skip Wallet, 5¢ of your purchase goes directly towards a small business loan through Good Returns. We call this a Spark! To show our thanks to you, our company, Tantrum Street, adds 5¢ on top of your Spark.

Together, we help fuel a continuous cycle that creates jobs and improves communities in the US & abroad.

Every Skip Wallet Purchase
With every Skip Wallet purchase, you create a Spark of 5¢
Your Spark + Tantrum Street
Tantrum Street contributes a 5¢ Spark along with your 5¢ Spark
Improves communities & creates jobs
Improves communities & creates jobs around the world
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It's extremely secure

Absolute security

Nothing is stored on your phone

Your debit, credit cards and receipts are linked to your cloud-based account.

Your data is super secure

Robust encryption and tokenization methods to protect all data.

Keep your cards to yourself

Only you touch and see your payment information. Never hand your card over again.

Your 5-digit PIN makes it safe

Our unique pin pad is randomized for your protection.

Claim Your Payname

Why should I claim my Payname?

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